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Typical day

Although children attend for a mixture of sessions and times throughout the day they will all have opportunities to take part in the wide range of personal, social and learning and development activities and opportunities that take place.

Between 8am and 9.30am children arriving for their morning or day session are supported by familiar staff to confidently separate from their parents or carers, encouraging self-confidence and self-awareness. Children arriving between 8am and 8.30am have the option to join in with a shared breakfast time.

Around 9.00am children are invited to take part in a group circle time. This allows them to say hello to their friends as well as involve discussing the day of the week, date, weather etc. Children are encouraged to take part in conversations and listen to others practising their listening, attention and speaking skills and exploring the lives of others.

The morning is spent taking part in a variety of activities and experiences during which children build on their relationships with others and their self-confidence and self-awareness skills. By selecting activities and resources that interest them, taking part in turn taking games and sharing toys they learn to manage their feelings and behaviour as well as support their understanding of the feelings, behaviours and needs of others. Playing with or alongside others in imaginative play, exploration and construct using different media and material as well as interactive play with small-world models and engaging in role-play based on their own experiences. More focused activities engage children in formal learning such as writing as they give meaning to the marks they make with paint or sand for example; leading to later opportunities in recognising and writing letters which form their own name. Numbers, shapes and measures are explored in a variety of ways both formally and informally; counting how many teddies are at the tea party or how many bricks it takes to build a tower.

Outdoor play experiences encourage free movement in different ways; riding trikes, balancing on beams, jumping with hoops and crawling through tunnels. New challenges involving risky play activities encourage understanding safety, considering their own needs and the needs of others as well as managing their behaviour.

11:30 to 12:30 while either eating their packed lunch bought from home, or the hot lunch which can be provided upon request, children are encouraged to try healthy new food options, textures and tastes as they eat a healthy range of foodstuffs and understand the wide varieties of food from different cultures. Dietary and allergy needs and likes and dislikes are noted and acted upon. Lunchtime supports children in managing their feelings and behaviour as they are encouraged to sit at tables and use one handed tools such spoons, knives and forks and pour their own drinks from small jugs.

Morning snack time at 09:45 and afternoon tea at 16:00 supports all of the same mealtime learning and development opportunities as well as the understanding and practice of self-help skills such as washing hands. Children sit in small groups with an adult who will support their understanding of behaviour and social skills.

After lunch the whole group enjoys storytime; individually or sharing books and stories. They join in with familiar parts to the stories as well as joining in with favourite songs and poems showing attentiveness and recall. We also share in some down time listening to some relaxing music or perhaps a story tape.

The afternoon at pre-school offers all of the same opportunities and experiences of the morning, with the end of each wonderful day filled with fun, love and learning coming to an end at 6pm.