We are fortunate to have access to a number of facilities and areas in and around the K2 Leisure Centre.









Groups of children enjoy time in our small dedicated outdoor area and small groups as well as the whole group will, in good weather, make use of some of the outdoor facilities and in less favourable weather we can book the use of the main hall, the squash courts or other indoor areas. Our children love to run around the running track playing chase, or ‘running races’ for example


Being so close to Crawley’s flagship Tilgate Park we love to explore their wooded areas and will often take a trip to visit the animals at the animal park.

Close by we will also visit the Ducks at Broadfield Park as well as make visits to the children’s library both at Crawley and Broadfield.

Experiencing the great outdoors and having the opportunity to explore the natural world is an integral part of early childhood, we get out and about whenever possible.