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Your Child


We aim to motivate even the very young child to take part in activities and challenges which will enable them to learn more skills and acquire knowledge. As skilled and knowledgeable professionals staff take time to find out about your unique child; what he/she can do, what their interests are, where they need support, where they can be challenged and what way in which he/she learns.

Children’s developing concentration skills and active involvement is nurtured as they are encouraged to develop skills of perseverance and understanding. Children are praised, not only for the end result and their successes, but for the journey they have taken towards achieving what they set out to do.


Skilled practitioners assess what children know and where they are in their stage of learning and development and, taking into account their interests and approach to learning, they use this information to plan for next steps in learning and monitor progress. Our experienced and involved practitioners promote successful learning and enable children attending to reach their full potential.

At K2 Pre-school Academy we comply with the Statutory Guidance for the Foundation Stage (2012) and the Early Years Foundations Stage within and are monitored and inspected by Ofsted.