Sensory Room

The sensory room is designed to stimulate children’s  senses through a variety of media including light, colour, sound and touch. Sensory rooms have been shown to enhance the development of hearing, sight, smell and touch, increase hand-eye coordination and encourage relaxation.

The sensory room is open for the use of our children during their time at the setting. The room is designed to meet the needs of everyone regardless of age, ability or even mood. Each piece of equipment provides its own benefits to its users.

Our specially curated resources include:

  • Interactive colour changing Bubble tube and Fibre optics
  • Cosy corner
  • Light box
  • Touch and feel board
  • Disco ball
  • Smell pots
  • Mirrors
  •  Sensory balls
  • Materials and tactile toys
  • Sound prisms
  • Scented artificial candles
  • Colour, shape and number
  • paddles
  • Liquid timers
  • Light up toys