Worried about speech, language and communication?

We all worry about our children. Lately, many of our parents have expressed concerns about the development of their child’s speech and language.  Although we monitor the speech and language development for all children we recognise that sometimes it’s nice, as a parent, to be able to access information about children’s development without all the professional jargon and confusing acronyms.

In order to support communication development here at K2 Crawley Nursery and Pre-School we offer all of our nursery children access to the lending library.  The library has helpful hints in each book bag for reading with children which is a very important exercise when supporting communication and language development.  In addition to this guidance there are many books for the children share with you there is now a communication activity pack available to borrow which outlines some fun ideas to help children develop not only speech skills, but interaction skills, understanding, listening and attention techniques and skills used in play.

If you are worried about you child please do not hesitate to speak with their key person. Please also see http://www.talkingpoint.org.uk/ progress-checker which is a handy online 20 questions style quiz to help you see if your child is making good progress in their communication development.

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