Ofsted Report

0EFB50B58FD2E1556472B8E3FE35EE4FWe are pleased to announce that on Monday 12th August, we had a visit from Ofsted.  We received an overall grade of good by a achieving a rating of good in the all 4 areas: Effectiveness of the leadership and management, Quality of teaching, learning and assessment, Personal development, behaviour and welfare  and finally Outcomes for children.

Please see below the inspectors summary of key findings:

  • All children make good progress in relation to their starting points. They are helped to feel secure and they have good relationships with the attentive staff caring for them.
  • Staff provide good support for children who speak English as an additional language. Parents are very complementary about the quick progress their children have made with their language development.
  • Staff help children to behave well. They encourage them to learn how to play harmoniously with others. Older children show kindness towards their younger friends.
  • Partnership with professionals and other providers is strong. Information about children’s care and learning is shared in detail to provide continuity.
  • The provider and senior members of staff make good use of their qualifications to support children’s learning well.  They help staff to accurately assess children’s progress and successfully implement teaching ideas to close any gaps in learning.  They review the setting’s practice, and parent’s and children’s views are valued in this process.

The full report can be viewed at https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/2722847/urn/EY487274.pdf


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